SAH Global Marketplace CEO| Innovation strategist|Tech transfer/tech quality ASSURANCE lead|


Sheri Hunt PhD
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Technical executive experienced in leading high performance teams, developing and implementing strategic plans and commercializing new products in fast paced and fast changing environments delivering full service and satisfaction. Global experience with strong understanding of Regulatory Issues, Quality Assurance, Operations and Manufacturing.

- Global Product Development
- Project Management
- Bringing Scientific Ideas from Concept to Prototype
- IP landscaping | Competitive Intelligience
- Digital landscaping | Digital analytics
- New Business Development | Working with Start-Up Organizations


  • 3 Scientific Advisory Boards for industry and academia
  • 13 peer reviewed journal publications 180 Technical Reports 5 patents
  • 2011 Professional of the Year (Applied Science and Chemistry)
  • CEO SAH Global Marketplace LLC
  • > 500 LinkedIn Connections
  • Doctorate, Masters of Science, Bachelors of Science
  • South Bay Yacht Racing Club Currently Commodore
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Established Under 20 age women's rugby program 2005 Founded SAH Global Marketplace 2015
  • Applied Science Authority 2011 Who's who Nanoparticle application authority
  • 5 patent filings - 2 issued
  • Endorsed by co-workers and clients
  • Health and Wellness expert BioKorea 2015
  • Has had direct reports in an organization doing more with less
  • Donates time to philanthropic organizations USA Rugby Aquarium of the Pacific Reef Check So Cal


  1. -
    Founded SAH Global Marketplace LLC, SAH Global Marketplace

    The e commerce Marketplace will target new global technologies for health and wellness.
    o Focus on new side sleeper technologies for all ages.
    o Immune natural products, omega 3 whole fish gourmet oils, algae sourced gourmet oils in addition to bioenergetic clinical wellness system.

  2. -
    Sr Principle Scientist, Amway

    • Executive responsible for driving and executing global open innovation strategy for recognizing, evaluating and acquiring new technologies adding the best of science to the best of nature in the Nutrilite products.
    • Determined best approach for business development. License, acquire or design around responsibility.
    • Extended technology to adjacent spaces in Amway portfolio with integrated offerings in Beauty (Artistry), Home Care, Water (eSpring) and Air (Atmosphere). Strong device and chemistry coupling understanding.
    • Increased business capability for scouting by enabling digital tools for IP landscape mapping, competitive intelligence processes and clinical claims grid fortification.
    • Enabled EU and Asian technical regulatory landscapes and influence using strong technical leadership and creation of compelling clinically supported RTBs.

  3. -
    Research Fellow, Neutrogena / J&J

    • Lead a high performance team of 10-15 engineers and chemists to deliver in excess of $4MM cost improvement savings annually through cycle time reduction, process excellence and reformulation of the tier 1 Neutrogena base business products. Created a $5 MM pipeline for savings.
    • Inspired and directed cross functional teams to improve first pass yield and case fill rate using data driven risk management strategies saving over $1 MM.
    • Transformed the Cleaning and Sanitization Master Validation process (R&D and Operations) from bare minimum to industry standard while securing a clean slate FDA audit result with no observations in under eight months.
    • Technical lead for ISO 14001 audit team succeeding in saving $1MM EPA testing requirements by designing a worst case scenario master approach for solubility and toxicity model.
    • Created and implemented a total value raw material two-way should cost model accelerating cost improved raw material implementation by 200% time savings. Annual realized new product savings of 5% have been achieved ($1 MM).
    • Technical Assurance/Technical Transfer Global Team Award for Global Process Capability building for sunscreen emulsion manufacturability. A globally acceptable single kettle (cold water) phase inversion process/product delivering identical performance to the UltraSheer sunscreens with annual formula and process cost savings exceeding $2MM.

  4. -
    Sr Principle Scientist, Schering Plough

    • Created vision and scope for program enabling a small team of specialists (3 PhDs) to develop proof of concept prototypes for IP filing and clinical investigation.
    • Responsible for safety dossier, regulatory filings if applicable, clinical assessment and marketing position across the Schering equity lines for each identified new technology.
    • Suncare inorganic and organic nanotechnology application specialist. Formulations designed to reduce harmful impact of UV radiation on skin health preventing sunburn and photoaging artifacts of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting skin’s natural defenses.
    • Footcare nanotechnology application specialist delivering skin softening and moisturizing chemistries from patented delivery systems. Compounded cosmetic and drug formulations.

  5. -
    Sr Scientist, Procter & Gamble

    Oral and Personal Health Care Technology Development - 01'- 03’ -
    • Identified opportunities for strategic alliances and partnerships that furthered business goals. Scientific liaison to internal and external thought leaders.
    • Grew capability globally through technology transfer and establishment of human clinical trial design centers for oral care in England and China using expert relationship-building skills and a commitment to a solution-focused, service-first research approach.
    Independent Research Project Award - 99'-01' –
    • Proposed innovative new technology, funded internally in P&G by global technical council ($2 MM) including 3 permanent staff positions (1 Ph.D)



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